ASIBS Short Course participants must attend both components (i.e. online & in-person) of the curriculum for a total of eight weeks.


JANUARY 6, 2020 -
FEBRUARY 21, 2020

Participants in the ASIBS Short Course will receive seven weeks of online, distance learning, applied basic and intermediate statistical theory instruction. The online component will consist of intensive synchronous and asynchronous statistical theory lectures, and critical thinking/problem solving assessments in each of the following topic areas:

1) Introduction to Statistics & Study Design
2) Probability
3) One- and Two-sample Inference with Continuous Data
4) Correlation and Simple Linear Regression,
5) Confounding, Effect Modification, and Multiple Linear Regression
6) Categorical Data Analysis
7) Logistic Regression

To view the detailed seven-week ASIBS online curriculum, please click here.



FEBRUARY 24, 2020 -
FEBRUARY 28, 2020

The onsite phase of the ASIBS Short Course will take place over a five-day period at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai campus in New York City. The on-campus section of the ASIBS Short Course will serve to provide participants with intensive, hands-on SAS instruction that will complement their online, distance learning curriculum. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is one of the most commonly used programs for data analysis by statisticians and data managers. The SAS instruction sessions will facilitate the statistical computing application of the content introduced in the biostatistics lectures, while simultaneously providing participants with a solid foundation in SAS programming. Each of the five days will consist of a 2.5 hour morning SAS Lecture and a 2.5 hour afternoon SAS Hands-On Collaborative Exercise, which will allow participants to practice what they have learned in the SAS Lecture through example-driven collaborative exercises. 

To view the detailed 5-day ASIBS onsite curriculum, please click here.